HALT your food binges

Alcoholics Anonymous have a brilliant & simple system they use with people they are trying to help.

To stop them from relapsing.

Because they’ve discovered it’s usually 4 feelings that trigger a lapse.

Being Hungry
Being Angry
Being Lonely
Being Tired

If they start to get the want and feeling to go for a drink.

They have to check in with their minds & bodies and remind themselves of this phrase.


Are any of these feeling arising, and if they are, that they should address them first.

More often than not, this can irradicate the urge to give in.

I love this powerful, simple but very clever tactic.

And I’m certain it can be used in other circumstances.

Such as food binges.

We all do it.

And when people ask me “any tips/how to stop binges?”

I’ve always asked them… what was you feeling at the time?

What triggered it?

Work, family, bored…

Now the HALT method can simplify the process.

And because this blog is health & fitness oriented.

It can be expanded further.

Hunger…. having a high protein diet, aiming for 3 meals each day that are protein dominant and full of veg will reduce this feeling. Add 2-3 litres of water each day and a few cups of caffeine, you can pretty much flatten hunger.

Angry & Loneliness…. can be eased at the gym or with a workout. Use that energy to blast through a tough session. Whilst you’re at the gym, bond with other members for endorphin bursts or communicate with others on an online fitness community like a Facebook support group.

Tiredness…. are you getting enough sleep? 7-9 hours each night is a great target. If you are lacking on sleep, it’s going to make you snappy and anxious, which enhances Anger & Lonely feelings. If you are skipping sleep, you are also going to increase Hunger. This is probably one of the 1st areas that you should look at addressing.

So, to recap…if you feel a food trigger about to happen.

Check in with yourself.


Work on eliminating what’s causing the trigger.

Is it one of the 4 feelings?

Great if it is, as you can now reduce those chances of you slipping up with above health and fitness advice.

Beat these annoying and quite damaging eating sessions with one simple system.

HALT…who goes there?


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