Is more really better?

A general response to any problems humans or society have is usually – WE NEED MORE.

We need more trains and buses…
We need more money for the NHS…..
We need more police on the street

I need more money to buy a bigger house…
I need more time to get the job done…
I need more help from XYZ….

When in fact, being shrewder and having a bit of reform on the basics would be more effective.

Getting in shape is no different.

I need to do more gym sessions
I need to add more HIIT training sessions
I need more at home gym kit
I need more of a calorie deficit
I need to eat less carbs MORE
I need to do more dieting
I need to do more jogging

You get my drift now.

Yet, we all want to do more, without first doing the basics correctly.

To achieve results, you need to do LESS first!

Have you regularly been completing a resistance strength session 3 times a week?

Have you been following a meal planner or tracking calories?

Have you been taking your daily steps?

Have you been sleeping 7-9 hours each night?

Have you been drinking 2 – 3 litres of water each day?

Funnily enough, doing less works better.

And in fact, aiming to do less, and just focus on doing the above gives you MORE!

More time as you’re not doing 10 different style of training sessions each week.
More results as you see the body fat melt away.
More health as you are a leaner, stronger and fitter individual.
More happiness as you’ve achieved your goals.

Doing more isn’t always the answer.

Results come from doing the basics and mastering them.

Until the basics become 2nd nature to you.

So next time you find yourself saying “I need more…”

Just check in.

Check you are doing the basics with food, training and recovery.

And re-centre yourself and FOCUS MORE on that (the one thing you can do more of).

Rather than wasting time and effort adding in more inefficient activity & worry.

Get in shape, be happy, healthy, fit and strong by being brutally good with the basics.


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