Little Hack For Results

Saturday night just gone; we held a THQ members party.

It was a great evening seeing people dressed up, eating, drinking & dancing.

We are always incredibly proud and humbled by the experience.

And it was such a good evening that for some, including myself, it continued much later into the evening.

It’s been a while since I’ve been out till early hours of the morning, and it really reminded me of the importance of sleep.

The next day – cravings increased.

Whilst energy and motivation were bottomed out.

I still managed 5 hours sleep, yet still felt tired the next day.

I often hear of people who can only managed 5-6 hours most nights.

Purely because they can’t drift off.

But these are the people who often ask for more tips, hacks, tricks with their diet and nutrition to achieve results.

Yet they are missing out on the most obvious one holding them back.

If people spent more energy on trying to improve their sleep, they would be gobsmacked at what progression they would see.

Sleep is better than any diet or training plan, supplement etc you could ever find.

Just one bad night’s sleep (less than 6 hours) can drop muscle building by 18% and increase cortisol (stress levels) by 37%.

It causes the body to become insulin resistant, meaning easier to store body fat.

It causes increased cravings (more ghrelin), meaning you are more likely to over eat whilst in a state more likely to store body fat.

If you optimise your sleep, aiming for a consistent 7-9 hours.

Your diet & training only really needs to be 80% “on it”, and you would still see results.

But if you skip on sleep, even with diet & training 100% “on it”, you would struggle to see optimal results.

How to make those 7-9 hours each night possible?

  • No electrical devices 1 hour before bed. Yes, that’s phones, tablets, tv’s. Read a book in bed.


  • Keep room cool and dark, only using a red warm light to read with.


  • Take magnesium before bed. I’ve found a spray on mag supplement to the base of the neck is super effective in making me drop off sooner.


  • If feeling stressed, used a meditating app or journaling thoughts out before bed can do wonders.

Parties and late nights will happen leading up to the new year.

So, make sure you are prepared for the days after the parties as well.

Have healthy meals prepped and focus on drinking water.

Don’t let the late nights destroy the progress you’ve made this year.

Get those Zzzz


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