Blame it on the….

No! Not Boogie.

Blame it on the carbs.

If you feel like carbs never fill you up?

Or that they make you put on weight just looking at them?

You’re probably eating too many of the wrong types of carbs.

We’ve all had that feeling of eating a cookie, packet of crisps, slice of pizza and the carb monster bursts out of nowhere.

Wanting to demolish more and more.

Until the point where you’ve eaten 2 full packets of biscuits, a whole pizza and 5 bags of crisps.

Extreme example, but you know you could do it if you were hungry.

Which gives carbs a major bad reputation.

Because if you do the above carb binge once or twice a week.

You are CERTAIN to put on weight.

Meaning we correlate carbs = weight gain.

But there are lower calorie carb options.

Just try and eat two baked potatoes.

That’s only about 300-320kcal without butter etc.

Pretty low when you compare it to an 8 packet of jammy dodgers.

Which is 680kcal.

Double the two jacket potatoes.

And who could really eat 2 full potatoes?

You would normally have one and add protein and be full for hours.

Or you could take the biscuit route, eat all 8, and still want more.

Can you see the difference in choice?

Carbs aren’t the problem.

It’s the total daily calories.

Especially when eating hyperpalatable options like the jammy dodgers.

Natural carbs are extremely satiating when combined with lean protein.

Which will bring down your total daily calorie intake.

AND they will fuel you for your next training session.

Having a really great training session, because you are well fuelled, will mean more intensity = better results.

I hope now that when you gain a little weight, or aim to lose some.

That you just don’t “cut carbs”

Just “swap carbs” instead.

Cutting carbs is not the long-term solution you need.

Making better choices, whilst moderating the bad carbs, is the answer you’ve been desperate to find.

Because who doesn’t like carbs, right?


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