The “Get Drunk Diet”

I thought that would catch your attention.

Today’s email has been triggered by a rather heavy weekend.

It’s not something I ever hide and I’m always open & honest about.

At THQ, we never project ourselves as perfect trainers.

Because life is complex and needs to be lived.

My brothers delayed stag do was this weekend just gone.

Which I also extended by going to London yesterday.

Which has meant 3 days of beers and bad food.

But what I noticed out and about was how busy it was.

So many people eating and drinking.

And the festive party season really hasn’t kicked off yet.

But it seems like we should be ok for the parties coming our way soon.

And most reading this, will want to have fun and drink, but not have the negative weight gain consequences as well.

If you go into the “sod it” mode, and just throw in the towel till the end of the year.

Then yes, alcohol is going to ruin your body shape and put you back a few months next year.

Or, we can just be a bit cleverer about how we consume it.

My go to move is to swap out pints and move to bottles.

Or swap out beer for white spirits and diet mixers.

Listen, it’s not perfect and not a healthy activity to do.

We all understand that, but I’m also aware that a lot of people won’t want to go alcohol free over the next 4-5 weeks.

But we can still account for it in order for it to be controlled.

Alcohol still has a caloric measure.

7kcal in ever gram of alcohol.

You can very smartly make this fit into your daily calorie limit.

AND still lose weight.

If you adjust your foods that day so that it’s just lean protein and veg.

It does give you that little bit more room to play with.

This is really not great health and fitness advice.

But its reality, and us limiting the damage yet still achieving results.

It IS still possible to get in shape AND have a drink.

I wanted today to make you just believe that or rethink about how you use it.

No need to throw the whole month away because you have 2-3 days that include alcohol.

But viewing alcohol as a calorie.

As unhealthy as it is.

It’s still a calorie which can always be accounted for, to make you still achieve your goal.

Not sure on how many calories for weight loss.

Times your body weight in total pounds by 10-12

E.g 200lb person = 2000 – 2400kcal a day.

Stay in your personal range, much easier if your food is healthily and based around lean protein and vegetables.

Still lose weight whilst having a few drinks, sounds good doesn’t it?

Just be sure to keep to your daily target, still have fun and feel on top of things this December.


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