Stop the Unwanted Christmas Weight Gain Gift 🎁

Over the next few weeks, structure goes a little bit out of the window.

There will be treats and slip ups.

Totally normal and fine to do at this fun time of the year.

Yet, at most meals, we still need to be consuming more protein.

Even more so if you are training hard.

It will help us recover from sessions, but probably more importantly, stop you from over eating.

As you are now aware, protein is incredibly satiating.

And this is one of the main reasons we want you to consume more protein dominant meals.

We’ve found that 1g per pound of body weight seems to be the sweet spot.

So, for a 150lb person = 150g of protein each day.

People think this is not achievable.

Yet a normal person would skip meals and “graze” all day.

Which means just eating high sugar/carb/calories foods instead.

And wonder why they cannot reach this target.

But if breakfast, lunch and evening meals are based around

  • Eggs
  • Low fat Greek Yogurt
  • Lean Meats
  • White Fish
  • Pulses, beans, quinoa & tofu for vegans

Plus, a load of vegetables.

You’ll not be far off your target.

Another super basic, but simple way to top up protein is having a protein shake after a workout.

Two scoops can be anywhere from 45-50g of protein.

For our example above of 150lb person, 1/3 of the daily target just from a shake which contains no more than 200 calories.

And if this still isn’t enough…

…and you like a snack in between meals.

Keep focusing on protein.

Here are some convenient protein snacks that could work for you….

  • Low Fat Greek Yogurt (Again – its already a breakfast idea)
  • Protein bars (or another shake)
  • Boiled eggs
  • Jerky
  • Low Fat Cottage cheese
  • Tinned tuna or salmon

Don’t overcomplicate trying to eat more protein.

Focus on at least three protein dominant meals each day.

And if you have to snack, have the above ideas close to hand.

Top it off with a protein shake post workout.

Easy-peasy protein squeezy.

Do this through December and you’ll see how little other rubbish you will consume.

Because you’ll feel full, satiated & in control!

And this December you will not receive the traditional unwanted gift of holiday weight gain.

Eat your protein.


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