The “6 P’s”

The recent snowy weather last weekend caught many people, including myself, by surprise.

As almost as we had become a little complacent with the milder weather.

But there we all were, cars stuck, traffic jams and most just staying at home.

All plans down the drain.

No preparation.

I believe this below expression from the army, and the recent chaos made it come to mind.

It’s called the 6 “P’s”

“Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance”

It is true for the army as it is for health and fitness.

Always prepare for the worst.

Times you can’t get to the gym (due to weather).

  • Can you do a at home bodyweight workout instead?

Times you get stuck at work and only have 15 minutes

  • Can you do a 15-minute walk to get steps up?

Times when you have to keep eating off a bad junk food menu.

  • Can you make lunch meal prep on Sunday evenings for the week?

Times you forget your meal prep.

  • Can you carry high protein options on you like jerky, boiled eggs, protein bars?

The answer to all the questions, is yes, of course we can.

We just need to expect for the worst to happen.

Because it usually does.

But it wont hold you back.

Because you prepped.

Now I hear snow is coming again soon.

I can imagine the roads and traffic will be no better again this time.

But at least we will already be prepared so that it doesn’t affect our health, fitness & body shape goals.

Having a backup time & plan for when we will workout, and have high protein meals/snacks to hand at all times.

Remember your “6 P’s”


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