How to lose belly fat in 2022?

I already hear and see people discussing about 2022.

“That’s when I’ll start to lose the belly”

“Get rid of all this wobble”

“But I’ll start in January”

Which actually is a mad notion.

To keep adding more in December and just delay starting until the new year.

There is still about 5-6% of the year left.

Enough time to get a head start on next year AND still have a few days off on Christmas week.

The people you see with abs when you’re on the beach in the summer – won’t be self-sabotaging now.

They’ll be eating healthy, hitting the gym, drinking their water and getting their sleep in preparation for the mad 10 days at the end of the year.

Because they know how difficult it is to get rid of belly fat.

How long it takes.

How lean you really have to get.

So, to make it harder by adding more belly fat all throughout December is the very last thing they want to do.

Ok, I hear you shouting in your head.

“I’ll be good in December (I get it!) – But how do we lose belly fat?”

For those that have known us for a long time or asked the question before…

It’s not a special ab exercise or routine.

It’s not cardio.

It’s not a magic ab belt.

It’s not even any supplement you can buy.

Answer: It’s your diet!

There is still in this day and age, with all the free & widely available advice on the internet, a conception that you can spot reduce belly fat.

You cannot.

You could do 100,000 sit ups each day and have nothing but a bad back.

To lose your belly fat – you must create a daily energy deficit.

Meaning a Calorie Deficit.

Burning more energy than you are bringing in.

Eating a diet with lean protein, vegetables and natural carbs (rice, potatoes) will naturally drop your energy intake as they are low in calories.

But very filling and nutritious for the body.

First tick ✅

Secondly, we accelerate the energy deficit through training.

And from personally trying all training methods – weight training works best.


Because it helps build and maintain muscle.

The more muscle we have, the more energy we consume.

Plus, you’ll become fitter and stronger.

Second tick ✅

That alone will do the trick but if you work on sleeping well, drinking 2-3 litres of waters each day and minimising stress – you’ll turbo charge results.

So, before you make your new year dreaded plan of…

  • Pounding the pavement jogging
  • Hours on a piece of cardiovascular equipment
  • Starving yourself to misery
  • Wasting money on silly fat burning supplements

Use the above steps that people who actually have abs, do.

Want results even faster?

Start today and do above steps as many days as you can in December.

I get that not all days will be possible, but most will.

How to lose belly fat in 2022?

Start now!


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