Reduce stress by doing this…..

It may surprise some of you, but of lot of you already know.

That THQ trainers also like to unwind and go out.

This Saturday we had our staff Christmas night out.

We had lots of alcohol, food and more alcohol.

See us out of our gym gear here >> Picture

It’s been a tough year and a time to de-stress was needed.

Clearly, we couldn’t do this every weekend.

As we would start to look the opposite of what a personal trainer should look like.

But relaxing and chilling is just as important than training hard and eating well.

Finding that balance in life is just as good for your health, fitness and body shape.

What people obsess with doing because they believe its “only” good for you, may surprise you that it can be “bad” for you as well.

Dieting hard is a stress to the body.

Training often and hard is also a stress to the body.

Too much and it raises stress levels.

More specifically raises cortisol levels.

Your body raises cortisol levels as a way of survival.

And at some times of the day, like the morning or when training, it should be raised.

But constantly raised levels is not good for burning body fat, building muscle, the immune system, blood pressure, digestion.

Chilling out and relaxing with friends like our night out can help lower stress/cortisol levels.

And is just as important as training hard and eating well.

But we don’t always get the time or luxury to spend time chilling.

However, we can consume more of one natural mineral to combat high stress levels.


Low magnesium levels are linked to stress.

The more stress you have, the more depleted magnesium levels are.

Interesting, research shows that if you crave a lot of chocolate, then magnesium levels are low.

And this makes sense.

When people are stressed at work or with family life, they grab that chocolate bar as a stress release.

When their bodies were actually telling them to get more magnesium.

We can get more magnesium from out diet by including more;

  • Nuts & Seeds
  • Veg & Fruit
  • Avocado’s
  • Cocoa (Dark Chocolate)

But with industrial farming, we just don’t seem to get adequate levels.

It would be wise to supplement daily with a magnesium to maximise stores in the body.

This can be oral or a topical spray.

I do both.

Zinc and magnesium oral tablet, and spray on magnesium to the base of the neck just before bed.

Not only am I topping up magnesium levels, due to the relaxing effects of magnesium, I fall a sleep quicker and have a better night’s kip.

Double win.

Add this simple natural supplement, plus the above recommended foods and see what difference it makes to your stress levels.

If you stop craving chocolate then you know you’ve done the job.

Have a stress free week


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