You don’t need to be perfect!

What’s the first image you have of yourself when getting in shape?

Is it you in the gym?

Jogging on the streets?

Doing home workouts?

Going on a really long hike?

Getting into shape for most is all about “exercising off” the weight.

Yet when you break it down, training for 45 – 60 minutes each day is only about 4% of your day.

What you do with your other 96% of your day is what will dictate results.

An average 45 – 60 minute session is only going to burn through 300-500 calories at best.

Surely consuming 300-500 calories LESS each day is better than having to train for an extra hour?

To me it does.

But that’s not to say I believe its 4% training & 96% diet.

To me they work hand in hand.

It’s a 50/50 split.

Each needs one another.

And they complement and make each other effective.

Train hard and you can get away with the odd treat.

Eat well and you feel energised to train hard.

A positive cycle.

But the big problem I see is that people will put 100% effort into their training.

And then a half-hearted approach into diet.

Because its hard – I get it.

We all want to eat donuts and bread all day.

So, the view on nutrition when getting in shape is that it needs to be bland, boring and restrictive.

When in fact, it actually doesn’t.

Instead of restricting yourself when getting in shape.

Reframe your view.

If you can eat 80-90% of the time with lean protein, vegetables and natural forms of carbs (think rice, potato, pulses, beans)

And if you’ve trained as well.

You have already created a big enough energy deficit to be burning body fat/weight.

You’ll now have a little wiggle room to add in one of your favourite treats most days.

Whether that’s a large glass of red wine, an ice cream, a packet of crisps.

Clearly, it’s not optimal for fast results.

If speed of results is more important to you, then being closest to 100% perfect is your best bet.

But using the 80-90% plus a small treat way, you’ll enjoy the process more and still achieve incredible results.

What’s even better…

…is if you can track and record it using a calorie tracking app like MyFitnessPal.

Its free, takes no more than 5 mins of your day and stops you from totally pigging out.

As you can see the numbers for results in black and white.

Want to start tracking calories and know your daily targets?

Use my general weight loss rule of thumb

Weight loss = weight in pounds x 10-12

E.g. 150 pound person 1500-1800 calories a day.

A simple target that allows you to live a normal life, feel good & energetic, achieve great body shape changes AND still get a treat.

I’ve lived this way for the last 12-15 years and its never let me down.

There you go.

A way where you don’t need to be perfect to get in great shape.


This is a perfect time of year to track as those little snacks and treats sneak into your diet.

Use this method right up to Christmas day to minimise the holiday weight gain!

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