Christmas Scrooge or Stuffed “to the brim” Turkey

As we edge closer to Christmas day, I wanted to drop one more blog.

Christmas is a time to switch off and finally relax.

We are always go, go, go & down time is much needed.

But this does not mean we need to eat and drink to extremes.

Nor does it mean you should be weighing your food and tracking calories.

There is always a moderate balance.

Going to extremes will make you feel downbeat and guilty.

Telling your family that you can’t eat certain foods, will bring the mood down faster than a Christmas fart.

Go for the middle ground.

Lots of treats, food, drinks…..but not to the point of nausea ha.

Have the weekend off and enjoy yourself.

You deserved it.

Next week you can get training again and tidying up that diet.

Now is a time for enjoyment.

Have a Merry Christmas and we will speak again next week.

Ryan 🎅🏻

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