#1 thing you need to consume more of for all goals

Today is my 1st blog of the year.

Having taking a little break over the festive week as emails get missed.

People are busy drinking, eating and socializing – as they should be doing at that time of the year.

They aren’t going to pay too much attention to health, fitness and body shape tips.

But now the calendar has flicked over to January 2022.

The mood in the air has changed.

People’s motivation, determination and will power is much stronger.

Most likely due to the excess and overindulging over the last few weeks.

People feel like they want to do something for the good.

Lose weight.

Get stronger.

Build muscle.

I love to hear of people’s health and fitness goals.

Its inspiring seeing the enthusiasm to be healthy and active again.

However, sometimes goals are a little vague.

For example “I want to lose weight”

So, I always work with them to make their goal specific & set a deadline.

E.g. “I want to lose 10lbs in 6 weeks”

We need time frames and deadlines to work towards.

Then we can make a targeted plan.

Some people tell me it’s about getting stronger in the gym.

Most want to lose weight & body fat.

Some just want to fix a niggling injury.

A handful want to get bigger and add as much muscle as possible.

And when I give my advice to all of them.

There is always one common bit of advice they all get.

Not because it’s an easy or lazy answer.

But because it works for all goals.

And that is to consume more protein.

I tell them to aim for 1g per pound of body weight every day.

For example, if you weigh 164lbs, you would consume 164g of protein.

No, this isn’t dangerous or going to make your kidneys explode.

Total nonsense and myths.

But you will see the health benefits of getting stronger & fitter in the gym, eating less because you are satiated, skin and hair looks healthier plus much more.

All because you just bumped up protein intake a little.

Clearly tracking your food in a diary helps you monitor your consumption.

A free app like Myfitnesspal will do the job.

But what would a day with 164g of protein (using example above) look like.


3 scrambled egg and 50g feta cheese (23g Protein & 290kcal)


Chicken Breast salad (62g Protein & 350kcal)

Evening Meal 

Lean mince meat chilli with basmati rice (54g Protein & 499kcal)


Protein shake or bar (25g Protein & 200kcal)

A total of 164g of protein.

Looks like a lot of food, but look how low it is in calories.

A total of 1339 calories for the day.

If you have an office job or non manual job.

Not only will you feel satiated on this, but you will lose a lot of body fat.

Without having to starve yourself.

If you wanted to add scale weight/size/rehab from injury.

You would just simply add more carbs to each meal to bump up calories.

The main takeaway message is to be always basing meals around protein, no matter what the goal you have.

Can you see why protein is so important.

Optimising protein intake is wise for any goal.


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