Skinny Fat

Last week I wrote a success story that was very popular.

It was a member called Karen and she gave us a real honest and open thought.

“I’ve always classed myself as being ‘skinny fat’ i didn’t have a lot of weight to lose but I could never shift those last few pounds to look leaner. I wanted to lose any excess weight and tone up.”

You can read the full story & she overcame this issue here >>> Karen Williams.

But, it did get me thinking a lot about why so many people get this “skinny fat” body shape.

This isn’t just female based either and men have the same issue.

There are a few mutual actions that they all usually have in common.

They usually do a lot of steady-state cardio or gym exercise classes.

They eat a very low-calorie diet to the point of starvation.

And then go on a huge binge eat whilst not doing any exercise.

Resulting in all the hard work they did exercising and dieting going to waste.

Usually adding on a few more pounds.

Which then makes them go back to the excessive cardio and low-calorie starvation diets once more.

This wasn’t what Karen did but her story had a similar theme.

It’s such a shame as they are putting in the effort needed.

But just in the wrong places.

If they put that effort into 2 new actions…they would have a vastly different outcome.

One that they’ll be very pleased with.

In all honestly, these 2 actions will work for everyone.

But it does seem to really help the skinny fat people who put in so much effort yet never see results.

Eat more food.

Yeah, you read that correctly.

Eating a high protein diet with lots of vegetables almost seems that it’s too much and wrong.

But if you have 3 meals a day that are protein dominant, with lots of filling vegetables, you soon see how satiating it is.

You will have actually lowered calorie intake but increased food volume, meaning you never feel that hunger you get when on a low-calorie diet.

Weight train 3 times a week.

This isn’t a steady-state cardio bashing blog. It has its uses…but it shouldn’t be the first port of call when trying to shift body fat.

A body gets very clever with cardio and adapts super-fast, meaning that to ensure results continue, you have to do it for longer or further.

Which eats more of your time.

A full body weight session not only builds muscle (more so for men), it can be adapted by increasing weight, doing more repetition, new exercises, super-sets etc.

All without having to add on extra time!

So not only are you getting fitter, stronger and leaner, you’ve got more time to spend doing the things you love.

Do both of the recommended actions and it will light a fire for those results.

Such an easy couple of swaps for potentially really exciting gains.

If you’ve not been seeing results with your training recently.

Take a step back and look at your diet & training.

Does it have 3 meals a day with lean protein & veg?

Are you weight/resistance training 3 times a week doing a full-body workout?

If you aren’t quite nailing down one (or both) of the above.

You know where you can improve results with just two small improvements.

Need a bit of help organising your diet so that it’s high in protein?

Want someone with you at all times when training in the gym?

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