My personal shoot story

If you’ve read our THQ guide, you’ll know that I used to work in another facility with Carl.

Where we first met and trained our clients.

And I remember Carl once telling me he was going to do a photoshoot.

I was a little taken back as NO personal trainer in the area was doing anything like that.

I thought fair play, hope he smashes it.

He asked if I had thought about doing one.

It hadn’t even crossed my mind.

I knew how to get in decent shape, so I was quite laid back about it all.

I thought I’ve got a few nights out planned.

Even doubting myself with my willpower – could I stick to a rigid plan?

I’ve always had the get-out clause of not telling anyone I was getting in shape, and just starting the process again if I messed up.

My main thought process was that it was my clients that should be the main focus, not me.

And that was correct.

But I was also their example.

Their inspiration.

That reassurance that it could be done.

And that I should be more like Carl.

Watching Carl change through his first shoot was impressive and another conversation was held after he finished it.

I asked him how he thought it went.

“Tough” was the general response but he enjoyed what he had achieved more.

It was really nice to see someone putting in their all and being proud of their achievement.

He asked me again “Why don’t you do a shoot?”

Rather than deflect it this time, I committed to it.

I even pushed the time frame and set myself 9 weeks (photographer’s only date twisting my arm into this rushed time frame ha)

But it was one of the most life-changing things I’ve ever done.

Not because I got in great shape.

But because I was able to finally stick to a plan.

Ditching all the B.S excuses I told myself that used to get me out of doing the correct things with my training and nutrition.

Because it is easier to sit at home with a beer.

But the sheer delight of finishing a health & fitness plan feels WAY better.

Especially when you are in the best shape you have ever been.

And now have all the skills, knowledge and experience to maintain this better body shape for life.

If you’ve been feeling a little podgy, low on energy and a bit tired of the middle section getting ever bigger.

Let me ask you the question that Carl asked me back in 2013…

Why don’t you do a shoot?

Jump in like a did and I promise you’ll never regret it.

Fired up?


The shoot start-up meeting is this Saturday at 10 am and is held via zoom, so you can watch in the comfort of your home with a brew.

Listen to us explain how it works, ask questions and find out how to start.

We will send out a zoom link via email that will land in your email inbox about 30 minutes before the meeting is due to start.

We hope to catch you then


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