Perfection killing your dreams?

To be good at anything…most believe that you have to be perfect to succeed.

But do you really?

Thinking about your job, current or past, were you perfect at everything?

Or were you just good at doing the basics on a consistent basis.

How about those out there who are parents, were you perfect or did you just do the best you could?

I am pretty sure again that you were just good at the basics on a consistent basis.

The same applies to getting in great shape.

A lot of people won’t even start, as they believe that they have to be perfect with their diet & training.

When in reality, just like a job or parenting – they just needed to be a bit better with the basics on a consistent basis.

We’ve just finished one of our biggest shoots, with around 110 people committing to the full process and completing the shoot.

And the results have been truly inspiring.

It’s what we as trainers do this all for, and we love the shoot days seeing people beaming about their results.

But they didn’t have a secret diet plan, train harder than anyone else, or even stumble across a new fat burning supplement.

They just followed a plan, stuck to it the best they could and did that for a decent amount of time (12 weeks).

There were a few odd missed workouts.

A little bit of junk food.

Some still drank alcohol.

But what they did that helped them succeed, was not to give in when messing up.

Just getting back to the plan.

Made sure they got in a gym session as soon as they could.

After a “bad treat”, the next food consumed was full of lean protein & vegetables.

And if they drank booze, they made sure they ate the correct foods.

Essentially getting back on track as soon as they could.

And this actually works!

As these people have dropped many pounds and inches.

I’ve never seen such a group of toned and defined individuals.

Even happier now knowing that they didn’t have to be perfect.

Being good most of the time is enough to get in amazing shape, be fit, strong & healthy.

Perfection is a killer – don’t let it kill your body shape & health dreams.


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