Dropping those bingo wings.

Getting rid of the spare tire.

Toning those legs

… are all big summer goals for a lot of you reading this.

Anyone that knows us now, understands that you have to get into an energy deficit to achieve the above.

An energy deficit is achieved by consuming fewer calories and increasing time training.

Yeah, it all sounds a bit boring – but that’s human biology for you.

But everyone’s dream body shape requires this energy deficit.

And to do it for a long enough time, a 6-12 week time frame at least to see dramatic results.

The gym or working out part, most people do pretty well.

It’s the diet part that most people struggle with.

And whenever I see anyone struggling with nutrition, I start on two areas.

Breakfast & Lunch.

To increase this energy deficit, we need to have meals that are low in calories but high in protein.

The protein helps build/maintain muscle and keeps you feeling satiated.

The low-calorie choices help you achieve that energy deficit.

Breakfasts can be easy.

Eggs & bacon.
Greek Yoghurt.
Protein Shake.

Quick, easy to make and sets you off for the day.

This high protein meal at the start of the day, alongside plenty of water and a few cups of tea or coffee – will keep you full till lunch.

And this is where people then screw up.

Even just the thought of meal prep sends a shudder down their spine.

The extra effort and planning needed just isn’t up their street.

So they just grab a meal deal or a piece of cake.

Increase the calorie intake and therefore not creating an energy deficit.

But meal prepping really doesn’t need to be that annoying.

Have a kind of pick-a-mix attitude to it all.

  • One bag of microwave frozen veg.


  • Pre-made potato mash from the supermarket or a baked potato (sweet or white)


  • Packet microwave rice (half a pack)


  • Any tinned fish, pre-cooked chicken or turkey breast, lean ground beef.

Each day choose…

One veg packet – rice or potato – pre-cooked protein.

They can be put together at work, first thing in the morning or the night before.

Just throw them in.

Even if you forget some or all of the meal prep – all these can be purchased ready-made from a supermarket.

Mix and match with very little thought for quick & easy fat burning meals.

Do the breakfast ideas AND pick-a-mix lunch prep, this will be enough to create a huge energy deficit alongside going to the gym.

Getting in summer shape doesn’t need to be complicated or mentally taxing.

Just get your pick-a-mix ready.

Even this quick & easy way still feels too much?

Try our meal prep service that many other lean members are now getting their low calorie & high protein meals from.

Delivered to your door, frozen so will last months and ready to eat in 8 mins.

With not one single minute wasted on meal prepping.

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