I’m not losing weight…

A long road trip is pretty exciting at first but in the middle of that journey, it gets a bit tedious and it seems that you aren’t getting anywhere.

The same can be true of a house renovation.

Great excitement and ideas flood through at the start, but halfway through that re-build, you are thinking why the hell did I even begin this?

The middle of a journey/project/ambition is the sticky point.

Gone have the days of fresh motivation, but you are not near enough to the finish line to keep you interested.

There is no difference on a weight loss or body transformation journey.

Everyone is on it at the beginning, but when you look at that same meal prep or check the diary for when you are back in the gym.

It can feel a tad repetitive and frustrating.

Because results take time.

And this is the reason most people fail as they bail out way too soon.

We are just starting week 4 of a shoot at THQ and at this point, people start to ask about their scale weight progression.

Everyone sees a big drop on the scales in the first few weeks.

And it gets everyone excited.

The reality is, yes some of that would be body fat, but some would have been water retention from eating a “cleaner diet”, & having less food in the body.

And then it returns to a normal pace.

Around 1-2 lbs a week.

But in the middle of a transformation journey.

We start to hit the sticking points just like that long car journey or house rebuild.

At this point, we can check other stats.

Progress pictures and inch measurements will better indicate what’s going on (usually progression).

But I understand that number on the scale means a lot to people.

Unfortunately, the best plan of action is to keep sticking to your meal plan or calories and keep getting those workouts in.

The progress on the scales will soon start.

But I still feel your frustrations.

And a much better view you can take is to STOP looking at the daily figure.

Even weekly figures.

Compare your progress over 4 weeks.

You should be looking at a 4-8lbs loss if doing everything correctly, yes that means weekends as well.

A weight-loss journey could look like this…

Week 1 = 3lbs loss
Week 2 = 1lbs loss
Week 3 = 2lbs Loss
Week 4 = No loss

It’s a total of 6lbs loss and you are in the 4-8lbs target zone and doing very well.

Or you can just look at the progress of week 4 and no movement, feel down, eat off-plan, not go to the gym and keep feeling sorry for yourself.

I know which option is going to keep me motivated.

Take the little zoom out if scale weight bothers you.

Put it into 4-week blocks.

Stay motivated.

And finally, get to that transformation finish line.


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