Stubborn body parts

We all have an area on our body that we are not so keen on.

I hear it often.

How do I get rid of the…

“Thunder thighs?”

“Floppy bingo wings?”

“Beer belly?”

“Love Handles?”

“Fat face & neck?”

The annoying thing is that you cannot technically spot reduce these areas.

No matter how many crunches or special face cream/ointments/lotions you apply.

There is some good news though.

You CAN reduce the fat in these areas with a smart and proven approach.

To sort these stubborn areas of the body that you wanted to be sorted yesterday.

You are going to have to do 2 things.

  1. Achieve a calorie deficit
  2. Strength train

Now I hear you thinking, what about cardio.

It burns body fat, doesn’t it?

It does, but it does nothing for toning that body part.

The calorie deficit is what burns the body fat.

And you achieve a calorie deficit through diet mainly.

Follow a specially designed meal planner like we have at THQ or track your intake and count calories.

The general rule of thumb for tracking calories is to times your weight in total pounds by 12, this is a great starting point.

E.g. 175lb x 12 = 2100 calories a day.

Do this for a few weeks or until weight loss slows.

Use your new lighter weight and x 12 again for slightly fewer calories but more results.

The next part to improve those stubborn body parts – is to strength train.

But how does this burn body fat I hear you ask? Isn’t strength training just to get stronger and bigger?

Well firstly, a tough training session with weights burns calories and increases your daily calorie deficit.

But secondly and more importantly, it builds muscle.

Which then gives that toned and defined look we all want.

Add in one session a week just targeting that area.

Alongside 2-3 full-body sessions and you’ll be amazed at what you can do in a short amount of time.

So, ditch those creams, waist belts, ab cradles, fat burning supplements and do something that actually works.

Get in a calorie deficit.

Strength train 2-3 times a week, then add in one extra weights session just working on that stubborn area.

And be consistent.

I’m not talking for just a couple of weeks.

These stubborn areas are years of bad habits and choices, so they aren’t going to go easily.

But if you give it 6-12 weeks you’ll see a dramatic change.

Just in time for this summer when you are in your shorts & t-shirts and no longer trying to cover up those stubborn areas.

Like the idea of a phase to shift these stubborn areas but still not too sure how to do it.

Let a trainer take you through a plan and in just 8 weeks, you’ll have it sorted.

Jump on a specialised program and a THQ trainer will work out your calories, and adjust them as you go along, whilst delivering that 1-hour session needed to target those stubborn areas.

For more information click the link below 👇

Specialised Programs

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