The truth about body transformations

We are about to release more before & after results from Transformation HQ’s latest shoot.

They will go out on our website and social media with the main aim to inspire.

Someone will see results that they can relate to.

Whether it’s a similar age, size, shape etc to themselves.

It gives that person a bit of hope that the dream body shape isn’t an impossibility.

Which then fires the urge in them to act, whether that’s to start a health kick or get in touch with us.

But then a strange phenomenon occurs.

More often than not, they then doubt themselves.

Can they be disciplined enough with diet and training?

Having an impression that those before & after results, were due to the person being an angel with their eating and getting in the gym often.

But in reality.

They weren’t perfect.

And we never expected them to be.

We just wanted them to be consistent.

If you try and be perfect 100% of the time, you’ll fail.


If you try and be more consistent, you’ll always win.

Because perfection is just something we make up in our minds.

What being perfect is with diet and training for one person, isn’t enough for someone else.

Yet, being more consistent is always something in your control.

Because we can see progression.

And this is what these shoot guys did.

They slowly improved by eating a diet that was higher in protein and lower in calories.

They slowly improved at getting in the gym a little bit more.

They slowly increased their daily step intake.

They slowly increased drinking more water and reduced alcohol consumption.

They slowly got better at achieving a good 7-9 hours of sleep each night.

And just focused on the process of being more consistent.

Before they knew it, they were feeling more energetic, clothes were getting looser and gym performances were impressive.

They swapped out the feeling of “having to be perfect” and obsessing with the end goal.

And concentrated more on their consistency.

This is the biggest lesson they learnt in their transformation and it’s something you can do more of today.

Emphasise the above areas they got better at – and surprise yourself with how easy it can be.

By adding in a little more consistency and removing a little less perfectionism.


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