I love potatoes

Potatoes do get a proper bashing sometimes.

Not with a rolling pin but more verbally.

“I just need to look at a potato and it goes straight to my hips”

Then totally ignoring the cakes, biscuits, and beer consumed in the evening.

But it was the potato’s fault the scale weight went up.

Well today, I’m going to stick up for the hearty potato.

It can be the staple carb choice in your diet.

I eat potatoes pretty much every day.


Because they are so damn filling.

And super low in calories.

There is proof from studies that verify that potatoes are one of the most satiating foods on the planet.

You can actually eat a large portion of potato and only be consuming about 150-200 calories.

The same energy you would find in a small chocolate bar.

But which is going to fill you up for longer?

Just imagine your meal now with a load of new potatoes.

Add in protein with your potatoes, plus a load of veg, this will only amount to about 500-600kcal for a whacking great big meal.

But barely any energy.

And plus, they go with anything.

Steak and jacket potato
Salmon and new potato
Chicken and mash potato
Fish and air fried potato
Cottage cheese and baked sweet potato

So much variety to your meals with the same item.

And they will save you pennies & pounds on your shopping bill as well.

So, if you often find yourself hungry when trying to lose a bit of weight.

Not only can you do the normally recommended advice of eating high protein and filling your plate with vegetables.

But now you can add in a bit of potato.

And just notice how much more satiated you feel after a meal.

The carbs from the potato will create a hunger blunting effect.

This means you’ll be less likely to consume more food and overeat that day.

Plus, the energy from the carbs will fuel your body ready for your next training session.

So, if you are a person who always avoids potatoes at all costs because you worry that they may hold you back from losing body fat?

Just switch in a fist-size portion at meals of any type of potato.

Doesn’t matter if it’s sweet, white, new….

They all do the same blunting effect.

They are jam-packed with vitamins and minerals to boost the body’s vitality.

And you’ll notice you want to snack less!

Which keeps you on plan and back to hitting your summer body shape goal.

Still don’t believe me?

Test the theory.

Go and buy a packet of new potatoes with skin.

Prepare and cook them.

Now just try and overeat on them.

9 times out of 10 you’ll stop eating before you finish the packet because they are SO filling.

And this is why potatoes can be your new best friend when on a diet.


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