Bank Holiday Regrets

How’s your bank holiday going?

I hope it’s full of enjoyment and time to switch off.

I also hope that you aren’t having regrets.

Or feeling bad for any “off-plan” treats that you may have had.

I see it a lot after long bank holiday weekends, vacations or even just a normal weekend.

If you have ever said you’ve eaten badly – you know what I mean.

Doesn’t make you feel great, does it?

But what if I told you…you don’t need to worry.

I know all personal trainers say that to you.

But it is true.

Most believe that they have to be perfect all the time with their training and diet.

Always annoyed that life’s events keep getting in the way.

Well, the truth is… there is never a perfect time to get fit and healthy.

You WILL eat bad foods from time to time.

An odd gym session WILL be missed.

But that’s cool, 80/20 it!

Just be “on it” it 80% of the time.

And the other 20% of the time is for errors and/or enjoyment.

You don’t need to be eating the most pristine diet plan 100% of the time.

You don’t need to stop eating the foods you enjoy.

You don’t need to buy the latest faddy supplement.

You don’t even need to be destroying yourself in the gym.

You just need to;

  • Weight train 2-3 times a week.


  • Aim to walk a bit more with a target of averaging at 10k steps a day.


  • Consume more protein and vegetables at 80% of your meals.


  • Enjoy the process a bit more.

No need to beat yourself up as you’ve had some naughty bank holiday treats.

Plan for the rest of the week to be a bit better and more “on plan”.

It will soon bring that good percentage higher to a more 80/20 realistic balance.

Don’t throw the whole week in the bin because of a few bank holiday regrets.

Enjoy the rest of the long weekend and back to it tomorrow.


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