There IS time…

“I literally have NO time to be fit & healthy”

When I hear this from anyone giving me their excuse why they cant train or eat healthily… it’s almost a challenge to tackle it.

Not to be superior because I’m a personal trainer with a load of gyms I can train at.

But because I also say it to myself as well.

Looking after a fast-growing company that lots of people rely on, has taken up more time than I believe it would.

Yet, training and being active are still up on my priority list.

If I can still do 50 hour week’s and still train 4-5 times a week….

….whilst also following (a poorly performing) football team around the country every weekend…

… then I hope to fire hope into us all.

Let’s break it down into some maths.

If we are looking at 24 hours a day, it kind of has 3 sections.

  • 8 hours of sleep
  • 8 hours for work
  • 8 hours for everything else

Now hear me out, this is a very simplistic view.

The 8 hours of work doesn’t include the hour commute on either side (more working from home now so if this is you, you are ahead already)

That leaves 6 hours for everything else.

Let’s say you want a couple of hours with the family – you are now down to 4 hours spare.

A couple of hours then goes to cooking, house jobs, errands etc….yet we still have 2 hours free.

Two hours to get into a gym and do a workout, or train from home.

Most workouts should be around 45-50 minutes mark and if you often do more – you aren’t training hard enough!

This isn’t meant to sound condescending, but doesn’t that time frame seem fair?

It’s a very balanced and nice life I would say.

But let’s make it even more time efficient.

Start Combining activities

We know getting 10,000 steps in each day will do wonders for your health and body shape.

But getting it done in one go is pretty tough.

Yet doing it at the same time as other daily jobs will kill two birds with one stone.

Telephone appointments can be done while walking, lunch walks to pick up a healthy lunch, walking meetings with colleagues, and family shopping trips done on foot.

Same with meal prepping, do it whilst on the telephone or on a relaxed zoom meeting (when camera/mic is off).

Or you can shortcut that even more so and use a meal prep service as I do…Precision Prep and also save a bit of money using our code (THQ15)

Look what you can eliminate

All phones embarrassingly now point out what time we waste on apps.

If it’s 2 hours a day on Instagram….that can be trimmed a bit and used to train, meal prepping or even sleep instead.

Again, this isn’t to put you down, but more so to inspire you to find that extra time.

Being fit, healthy and active often gets put off as it’s viewed as a bit of a bonus or extra.

However, it really should be a priority to you – even if you are busy.

You’ll be happier, healthier, leaner and even more useful in your job AND to your family.

Bottom line is to organise time a tiny bit better, and it will free up more time that will benefit YOU.


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