A Simple Nutrition Rule

This time of the year can start to be a little challenging.

It is finally warming up in the UK and the summer days are ahead.

This also means the shorts, skirts and tight-fitting tops also come out of the wardrobes & draws.

But have you ever done this?

Put them back in as they are too revealing?

I think we all have and that should never be the case.

Because there is still time to make a change.

This thought may have snapped you back into gear.

You might now be thinking, I need to hit the gym and eat healthier.

But where to start?

It’s a little overwhelming sometimes.

So much nutritional advice you can’t decide which is true and what’s a load of old codswallop.

Well, here is a simple way you can always look at nutrition.

Because you know you need to eat healthier to burn off some of that winter padding.

Use this simple rule of thumb.

If it came from a plant, an animal or nature then it’s pretty much going to be ok for you.

It will be low in calories and probably have high protein if it came from an animal.

When you next go into the supermarket, have this rule in mind.

Make it even easier and avoid those pesky middle aisles.

If it’s in a box or layers of wrappers, then try not to shove it in the shopping trolley.

But if it has a short life expiry date, or in fridges, you need more of it.

The even better news is that you don’t have to follow my “healthy eating” rule all the time.

80% of the time is enough.

Giving you 20% to do what the heck you want.

Meaning you don’t have to miss out on those summer burgers, bottles of beer at a garden party, hotdogs at the game, or ice cream with the kids in the park.

Use this rule whilst also….

  • completing 2-3 weight sessions a week


  • taking 10 thousand steps a day


  • sleeping 7-9 hours each night


  • drinking 2-3 litres of water a day

…. and then we are flying then.

Do this and be way more confident, healthier, leaner & happier this summer.

Want a simple meal planner that helps you with this rule?

Need someone to train you 3 times a week to speed up results?

Enquire about spaces for our next 6 Week Meltdown and in just 6 weeks, you too could be feeling more confident, healthier, leaner & happier. Having the best summer you’ve had in years.

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