Mountain Top’s

Imagine yourself at the bottom of Ben Nevis.

Looking up at the snowy tops.

You just know that it’s going to be a long, hard and difficult journey to get to the top.

But when you get there, you’ll be happy.

Happy you made it there safely and can enjoy the views.

I get a feeling that most people view getting in shape the exact same way.

Comparing their ideal body shape as the top of the mountain.

So far away and out of reach.

They are nowhere near the body shape, health or fitness level they want to be at.

But when they do get there, they will finally be happy.

Yet that’s not quite the case.

See when you do Ben Nevis, it’s done.

You can take a few photos to prove you completed it and come back down.

Never to do it again.

Yet to be fit, healthy and in great shape, it too is a long, hard and difficult journey.

But staying in great shape requires you to keep on doing those now viewed “tough” actions.

So if you hated the journey up to that point….are you really going to keep doing the actions that got you there?

The long, difficult & arduous tasks with diet and training that you now despise?

No, you’ll sack it all off and let the bad habits creep back in.

Until you are back at the bottom of Ben Nevis (out of shape and unfit) again with nothing to show for it.

But there is a way around this.

Enjoy the process more.

Keep your head down and look at the next step you take rather than the snowy tops.

And focus on the small little actions and wins.

And celebrate them.

Enjoy your next training session, focus on lifting or doing better than in your previous session.

Make sure you hit your water target of 2-3 litres that day.

Make 3 meals high in protein and vegetables that day.

Saying NO to the next temptation insight.

And before you know it, the next time you lift your head…you’ll be at the top of that mountain (in great shape).

And you’ll have found the whole journey much more enjoyable.

But now, you are much more likely to continue doing these once difficult but now easy actions.

So next time you think you are miles away from where you want to be with your health, fitness and body shape.

Zoom back in a little bit.

Keep making the small wins.

Focus on the processes rather than solely on the outcome.

And you just might finally reach that mountain top.


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