Majoring in the minors

Training, Sleep & Nutrition.

These are the bedrock of being fit, healthy and lean.

Yet amazingly, they are sometimes overlooked.

Or just a little overcomplicated.

See social media, phones and fast available information can be a good thing.

But it is sometimes a curse.

With so many people swearing by certain actions that helped them get leaner, stronger, faster etc…people are just bewildered.

Where to start?

What’s real?

Even having the time or resources to try out all these crazy methods.

The number of people I see worrying about…

  • if they are buying the correct protein shake


  • getting the correct amount of creatine each day


  • concerning themselves about timings of meals & protein pulsing


  • doing enough ab exercises to burn belly fat

And they are putting a significant amount of research, energy and time into these factors.

Yet when I ask if they are…

sleeping well,

controlling calories,

regularly hitting the gym,

not binging at the weekends…

the answer generally is – “NO, not really”.

The best phrase to describe this is “Not seeing the wood through the trees” or something along those lines.

Essentially, someone who is SO focused on the small details that they do not notice what is important.

So today I’m going to help people zoom out a little.

I’m going to give you a few High Return On Investments (ROI’s) that will pay you huge dividends.

And if you can put your well-intentioned focus, energy and concern into these habits…you’ll finally get the results you want so much.

Here is a good selection of habits that will give back to you immensely.

  • 2-3 litres of water each day
  • Sleep 7-9 hours every night
  • Strength train 2-3 times a week         
  • 30-50g of protein at every meal
  • A portion of vegetables at each meal
  • Average a daily step target of 10k each day

And once all the above are being nailed 7 DAYS a week…

…. sprinkle in a little patience….

and soon you’ll have the fit, lean and healthy body you put in so much effort to get.

By just focusing and putting your energy into the Highest ROIs.

Go smash them this week and now MAJOR in the MAJORS!


Need structure implementing these majors?

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