Garlic Dip

There is nothing more I love than a pizza.

Bread and cheese…what’s not to like.

Yet I very rarely eat it.

So high in calories and usually gets washed down with beer (= more calories)

My goal of staying lean all year round is more important to me.

So, I go without very happily and cravings disappear the longer I go without.

But this is just what my method is.

I know we never say to ban yourself from of any type of food, and we DO let clients eat pizza.

If they really want a dominoes for example, we will work it in their diet.

I would advise if you were going to have a pizza, have a light breakfast and lunch of just protein and veg, get in that gym that day and have a tough workout – then enjoy your pizza in the evening.

And this will NOT hamper your results.

But you’ll only really be able to get away with it once a week at a push. can now eat pizza, but there’s more to discuss.

I still feel you need to be aware of how many calories that can be in that harmless looking pizza.

And a funny story in the press this week has really opened some eyes.

It’s been revealed the number of calories in the garlic dip that accompanies the pizza.

Those little pots are about 169kcal…and I know some people will request the larger pots.

Which have an astonishing 675kcal…. in a DIP!

And just think how easy they are to go through.

Alongside a medium size pizza which on average will have about 1700 calories…and we never just have one slice do we?

Imagine what calories we are consuming.

The crazy thing is, after eating pizza with all that soaked up dip, you are never truly satisfied & are still left wanting more.

This is because pizza has so little protein, just fats and carbs essentially.

So, I thought we can do better than this.

I looked through our cookbooks and made my own recipe.

I’m not one for complicated instructions, so I made my own simple and quick to make pizza.

Amazingly, I’ve managed to make a pizza for LESS calories that are in that large garlic dip.

I made it with lower calories but more importantly, MORE PROTEIN.

If you are interested, here are the ingredients, calories/macronutrients, and little pic.

🍕 Ryan’s Pizza 🍕

Basically, spread a layer of tomato passata, add torn up mozzarella and chicken.

I bang mine in the air fryer for 10 mins but 15-20 mins in the oven will also do.

So for 584 calories, I had a small little pizza, yet I was full afterwards.

And this is the difference…adding more protein at meals.

This blog isn’t just about pizza…its about all “treats”.

There are always smarter alternative you can make.

Usually make it higher in protein.

Rather than totally missing out, next time you have a craving, have a recipe in place rather than getting open that food delivery app.

Now you can have your treats and enjoy them, but maybe just go for the small garlic dip next time though.


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