The Queen’s Lifting Hint To You

If there was a pill that could help you…

Build muscle
Burn off body fat
Increase your energy levels
Improve brain function and mood levels
Keep you mobile & functional to the day you die

You would for sure be popping one of those each day wouldn’t you?

And this pill is available to everyone.

It’s called resistance training.

Or weight lifting.

Or strength training.

All essentially are the same form of exercise.

And it can be done in a gym, a park or from home, pretty much anywhere really.

If you work out intensely enough, it can even be classed as cardio.

Anyone who tells me squatting for 50 seconds or 20+ reps isn’t cardio, and I’ll bet you they have never tried.

Everyone on this planet should be doing some form of weight lifting, strength training or resistance training.

Even the Queen!

It was good to see her out and about again yesterday, but mobility levels aren’t what they use to be.

Holding her back when her mind is still young and active.

It made me wonder, would a life of lifting weights made the difference to her in later years.

I would say it’s even more important to lift weights as you get older.

And it’s NEVER too late to start.

Lifting weights is safe when controlled and planned by a personal trainer.

It can be adapted and altered to all ability levels, sizes and ages.

An obese, impaired person, 90+ year old woman can’t go for a run.

But they could get in the gym and do seated dumbbell arm work, machine based leg exercises, functional floor core movements.

We can do this type of training forever with some smart alterations.

You are giving your body a chance to fight off gravity.

Because gravity is always pulling us to the earth.

Even when you are sitting down, it pulls your posture downwards.

But a strong body that has been resistance trained, can easily fight off this gravitational pull.

Which stops other injuries to backs, knees and shoulders etc.

Plus having more muscle means we burn more calories, so we are less likely to have body fat on us.

Having little muscle or lacking in muscle has been proven in studies that life expectancy is shorter.

We get all these benefits from 2 – 3 lifting sessions each week, which is a pretty good return I would say.

Weight lifting isn’t just for bodybuilders who want to look huge.

It’s for everyone who wants a healthy and pain free long life.

It’s even for the Queen!

Want to start lifting before it’s too late?

Enquire about the 6 Week Meltdown where you’ll be taken through an effective lifting plan to achieve above benefits…

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