6 Commandments

Imagine yourself in 3 month’s time.

It’s the end of august and you are at a park in your summer clothes feeling the best you have in years.

Whilst you eat an ice cream in the warm sunshine to cool down.

Best thing is, there is no guilt that you are having that ice cream.

Because you spent the previous 3 months getting in shape over the summer.

People may have thrown in the towel for this year already.

But it’s never too late to start.

In fact, the best time to start is always NOW.

Like the idea of being in the best shape you’ve been in years by the end of August?

Looking leaner, slimmer and trimmer as the summer progresses?

Yeah you do!

What if I told you, it can be done with 6 simple actions…? yeah just 6!

Doing these simple actions every week for 12 weeks, to be in the best shape you’ve been in years, that’s a fair trade off I would say.

But they can’t be half-heartedly done.

They need your full commitment.

And you need to do them consistently.


Cool, let’s give you my 6 commandments for a leaner, healthier and happy body.

  • Strength train 3 times a week at least

Aim to get stronger in your sessions and push most sets to failure. This builds muscle and gives you that toned athletic look we all desire.

  • Eat more protein

Not only does it help you build more muscle, but it keeps you satiated WAY more than carbs & fat do, best thing is – if you over eat on protein, its most likely going to be passed through the system and out the body, rather than stored as body fat.

  • Eat more vegetables

With meals that have prioritised protein and then we add a large serving of veg, you are giving the body all the minerals & nutrients it needs to feel AMAZING. Load up on veg as it’s so low in calories, I promise you can’t overeat them.

  • Drink 2-3 litres of water a day

Again, great for satiation levels which means you are less likely to overeat, but you’ll be so much more energised and not have to rely on caffeine or sugar as much.

  • Walk more

Such a simple activity that can be done whilst you do your normal day to day task, but you can increase your calorie expenditure with not that much more effort required.

  • Sleep 7-9 hours

Often sacrificed as we have busy lives, but a sleep deprived body will crave more food, it will also not be as good in the gym, get your sleep in for the win!

Use my 6 commandments and in just 3 month’s time, you’ll life will have changed before your eyes.


Let’s start today.

Need a plan that bundles this all into one simple to follow package?

The 12 week shoot that starts this SATURDAY will have it all covered.

Best bit is, its all included in your monthly membership.

We will hold a shoot start up meeting this Saturday morning on Zoom.

An email link gets sent out 30 minutes before the meeting is due to start.

Make the summer of 2022 the summer you got in the best shape ever!

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