My Top 10 Fat Burners

I caught up with a good friend last weekend and the conversation naturally made its way to health and fitness.

My friend (who maybe reading this and I know will be cool) said that he hadn’t been really “on it” recently.

He hadn’t hit the gym in weeks.

He was eating all the incorrect types of foods.

And inevitably, he was putting on weight, and quite a bit.

It was about 10-12lbs in 6 weeks from memory which means a bit of a blowout.

And these things happen.

Its life and it often gets very stressful, it was no different for my friend.

I see it a lot when I do my check ins with people.

And I gave my same response.

Don’t overthink it and be too hard on yourself.

Get that next meal based around protein and veg, drink 2-3 litres of water, and get a training session in as soon as you can.

This is usually enough to light a bit of fire back in people.

My friend agreed and he felt better.

But later on that day, we went to his house.

And the first thing he wanted to do was show me was his new fat burners.

Asking me if they are any good?!

Of course, I had a look and nodded…

Thinking back to our previous conversation we just had, which would be 10 x more effective than these fat burners.

But this is human nature and we are hard wired to want to take the easy way out.

And getting in shape is no different, as it’s a blumming hard thing to do.

So today, I want to show you my shortcuts and better actions you can do that are WAY more impactful than my friends fat burning supplement.

Because these actions 100% burn body fat

  1. Track calories every day and aim to eat in a calorie deficit (times your weight in pounds by 10 will do the trick)
  2. Plan meal shop and prep meals each week – use a meal prep service like Precision Prep if you can’t be bothered
  3. Eat protein & veg at every meal
  4. 2-3 litres of water every day
  5. 7-9 hours sleep with consistent go to bed/get up times
  6. Walk…10k steps a day (bonus do these fasted in morning before eating if possible)
  7. 2-4 resistance training sessions each week with an aim to get stronger/perform better each session
  8. Stay busy…a busy mind will forget about food
  9. Be patient (more than a couple of weeks) and stay committed
  10. Do all of the above on Saturday & Sundays <<<<<THIS IS THE MOST EFFECTIVE ONE

I hope you weren’t disappointed that I haven’t given you a list to 10 supplement stores to visit, but I’d rather you not waste your money.

I would rather you take some (or all) of those tips, apply them, save money and see fat loss results!

Maybe my friend will do too.


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