We all make them in life and they are lessons to learn from.

And the health and fitness industry keeps on making one big mistake.

I believe that it’s more than likely putting people off from starting in the gym.

That big mistake is social media posts.

In particular, images of people in a heap on the floor in a pool of sweat (or even vomit sometimes!)

Posts about how great is that they’ve destroyed or killed off their clients/members/themselves.

This idea then has to get bigger and better for more attention.

To the point where a lot of gym posts you see are people looking incredibly ill and about to die.

So, people on the other side believe that’s what you need to do…to get in great shape.

They go to the gym and think they’ve got to get a sweat on to be having an effective workout.

Focusing on their smartwatch or trackers and how many calories they are burning.

Ensuring that the session is all about burning body fat and going high reps for tone.

Hoping that they are massively sore the next day because that’s what you are meant to feel like right?

And this is a total shame because it’s not something they have to aim for.

Because you can only sustain crazy workouts where you want to pass out for so long.

Take the more intelligent approach.

Which the top physique influencers’ in the world don’t want you to know, because you can’t make a post that goes viral as it’s a bit boring……but it’s super effective.

If you want to see changes in the gym and feel like you want to go, rather than dread your workout, change your focus.

Focus on resistance training and learning the correct form.

Once you’ve perfected form, add in a sensible amount of intensity.

That means trying to go to failure on a set.

What’s failure?

Completing a set on an exercise where there is a maximum of one rep left in that tank – as long as you’ve maintained form.

Use this intensity method, and when you find you have more than one rep left in the tank, increase your weight.

And this is called Progressive Overload.

Loads of people get it wrong or are totally unaware it exists.

But do it correctly by having a little log book & record your weights & reps– and it will be like taking a magic pill.

Not only will you build muscle, but the intensity in sessions will start to melt away at the body fat.

Then to really stoke results…

eat a diet high in protein and vegetables
drink 2-3 litres of water a day
sleep 7-9 hours a night

And now we are talking.

No more mistakes.

Just a healthier, leaner, stronger and happier body.


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