Tracking matters

What gets tracked, gets managed.

A quote I can remember someone kind of saying or I’m massively para-phrasing.

But it’s useful for today’s blog.

And we hear a lot about tracking at the moment.

Due to great advancements in technology, it’s now easy and fun to track all sorts of activities.

You can track;

Where your dog is if you lose it, same with our phones & keys.

Routes you’ve walked/run/driven.

Performance at work with spreadsheets & reports (ok maybe not so fun).

And with more technology becoming easy to use and affordable, we can track our health and fitness goals.

The tech companies make it pleasurable and easy to use so that it monitors your progression.

Mobile phones are now supercomputers and are your own little personal coach in your pocket.

With apps that take photos, become food diaries, or even journals.

Their main intentions are to keep you motivated.

And I’m a big fan.

If fat loss matters – I track calories & steps.

If gaining muscle matters – I track calories and lifts in the gym.

If looking good at the beach matters – I’ll track my progress pictures.

If my recovery matters – I track my sleep.

If my health matter – I track blood work.

It’s not being fixated with data.

What it’s doing is keeping me interested & in the know.

Because if you aren’t tracking data, you are just driving blind.

Aimlessly hoping you’ll achieve something.

I totally get why people don’t bother tracking calories, performance in the gym, their sleep etc because it’s one more activity already loaded on their plate.

But if it gets you to your desired outcome in half the time…surely that’s worth the 10-15 minutes each day it takes to track your health and fitness metrics.

And at first, the progress in your stats is a little slow, and may not seem like it’s moving forwards.

But give it a little time, zoom out and look in a few weeks/months’ and you’ll see how far you’ve come.

It’s actually quite surprising.

And you will have missed out on this feeling if you tracked nothing.

So, tracking isn’t something you should sleep on when trying to improve your health & fitness.

In fact- it’s vital.

It will fuel your motivation.

Save you time in achieving your goals.

And even make you a long-term more ambitious planner, when you set your next lot of health and fitness goals, as goals now get reached!

All that from 10 – 15 minutes a day of number watching and crunching.

That’s a win-win for me.


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