Full steam ahead

This week, we’ve got the July 6-week meltdown intake starting with lots of new members beginning their transformation journeys.

A few weeks back, we also got the 3rd shoot of the year going with other members really knuckling down to get in the best shape they have ever been.

The enthusiasm is amazing to see and we get a lot of questions.

Questions about the perfect diet plan, best exercises, effective supplements…

And this is a fantastic sign that people are ready to make a change.

But they are often taken back when I say they can have a treat, cheat meal, or day off from training.

Believing that they have to be 100% “on it” all the time to see results.

Every meal has to be “clean”

In the gym every day.

No booze/junk food.

Drinking only water and sleeping loads.

This all-or-nothing approach is where most go wrong.

Who on earth is going to be able to do that?

Even if getting in shape was your job and the only activity you had to do, it would be incredibly difficult to nail those actions bang on.

For us normal people who aren’t competing up on a stage, we don’t need to be perfect.

You already have many life stresses such as relationships, families, and work to deal with.

Adding on the extra pressure of being 100% perfect with your diet and training is only going to overload what you can handle.

The bit of advice I give them is to NOT be 100% “on it” all of the time.

Because it’s not possible or actually even needed.

Being on it 80-90% of the time is more than enough to be healthy, lean, fit & strong.

If you eat 80-90% of the time with lean protein and veg – a little bit of junk food is cool.

If you drink water 80-90% of the time – an odd pint of beer, glass of wine, coca-cola is fine.

If you get in the gym 2-4 times a week and train hard – a few days of relaxing is good for you.

If you sleep on average 7-9 hours a night & go to bed at the same time, one night a week staying up a few hours later can be a bit of fun.

This approach is how you stick to your plan for longer.

As its way more enjoyable because you can live a so-called normal life as well.

Sticking to a plan 80-90% of the time for 6-8 weeks will yield WAY better results than being on it 100% for 3-4 weeks, hating it and falling off the wagon.

It’s not so full steam ahead, more steaming ahead at a slower but more consistent pace.

This is how people get (but more importantly STAY) in shape.


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