Good vs Bad

I feel like I’m in a long-drawn-out battle.

A sort of war on an ideology.

And this belief really messes with a lot of people’s heads.

Even people who work in the fitness industry.

And it is this daft concept that food is either “good” or “bad”

Clean food V Dirty food

Right V Wrong

I honestly think this way of viewing food is holding people back from achieving their health and fitness goals, and making life bloody miserable.

It’s actually giving food the power to make you feel bad!

This black and white way of looking at foods can make people believe that they are a good person, or give them a feeling of incredible guilt.

Which weirdly makes humans self-sabotage and eat more, or deprive themselves for a period to the point of misery.

Meal and food choices aren’t black and white…they are more of a colourful mixture in between.

And we need to stay in the colourful mix in the middle most of the time to have a healthy body, but still enjoy the small treats in life.

Some food choices are very high in nutrition such as vegetables, fruit, protein, and dairy.

Some are not and have a lot of processed man-made junk that your body doesn’t get many nutrients from, but they taste great.

Some food choices are filling and some fill you up for just 5 minutes.

Some foods we should include more of when trying to lose body fat, and some we could do with eating less of.

The important bit is…no matter what your health and fitness goal is…any type of food can be consumed.

And we can do it without this mental torture we have with ourselves if we look at food as good or bad.

The foods just need to be put through a system to keep you feeling mentally sound.

Like my blog the other day (Full Steam Ahead), they need a ratio to fall into.

80/20 is pretty easy to achieve.

80% single ingredient natural foods.

20% junk food.

I believe you could even live a fun life at a 90/10 ratio, which will make you reach your goal even faster.

This flexible approach to dieting can smooth anxieties.

I understand this is a touchy subject, but I come across it most days with people searching for help with their diets.

And I want to help as many people as I can stop this belief that makes them feel miserable because they’ve eaten a cookie.

The lesson I want to spread and hope you can too.

Is that there aren’t “good” or “bad” foods.

It just comes under “food”.

Take back the power off food and use the ratio strategy above, giving you full control to live a healthy and happy life.


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