Weight Lifting Truths

My first form of gym training was weight lifting.

I had picked up magazines 15-20 years ago and seen physiques that were out of this world.

And alongside these bodybuilders, there was usually a training plan for the gym.


Follow that gym plan and I’ll look like them!


Nothing really changed.

I mean I felt good, was getting stronger and fitter but didn’t get massive.

I’ve since learnt that my nutrition wasn’t matching my goal, plus those bodybuilders were very heavily assisted.

But I enjoyed this type of training, for the above-mentioned reasons.

I felt good…and was getting stronger & fitter.

This feeling was amazing and I knew I wanted to help others feel like this using weight training.

Weight training because everyone assumed (including me) that lifting weights was just for getting bigger.

But it had so many more other advantages and no one knew about them!

Realising that I wanted to work in the health & fitness industry, I experimented with all forms of exercise to see what worked best.

Kettlebell classes
Spin classes
Suspension training
Team sports
Martial Arts

They all have their positives.

But they don’t all have multiple benefits like strength training does.

The main one is how I look.

See most people exercise, do classes, eat super clean, try 5k run challenges etc for one reason.

And it’s often under the guise of trying to be fit and healthy.

But most do it because they want to look good naked.

Yes, the other benefits are great but most just want to look lean at the pool or beach.

And this is where strength training beats them all.

The single best truth about weight lifting is that it is TREMENDOUS for fat loss.

Far superior to all the other types of exercise I’ve tried.

It’s better because it builds muscle.

Which leads to a stronger and fitter body that has a RAPID metabolism.

A faster metabolism will burn more energy at rest.

A stronger body will burn more energy when training.

Which alongside a calorie deficit……means you’ll burn A LOT of body fat.

Leaving you with a leaner, stronger, fitter and more confident you.

If this doesn’t sell it…strength training will also;

  • Enhance your mood and outlook for the day
  • Build stronger bones which is great for later life
  • Challenges the heart & lungs to get the CV benefits.
  • Improve blood pressure
  • Stabilise blood sugar levels
  • Increases discipline and habits which carry on into other aspects of your life

Never doubt the power of weight training.

Get your next gym session pencilled in asap for these benefits and much more.


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