Summer Holiday Pounds & Inches (Part 1)

This year seems to be back to normal with the holiday season.

A lot of in-house and online members I talk to are jetting off to sunnier & warmer climates.

Although next week you could have just stayed in Costa del England….scorchio.

Many members I’m chatting to are a tad concerned about holiday weight gain.

Losing momentum by not going to the gym.

And some members have very inspiringly booked holiday resorts and hotels with gyms

Planning a few sessions to keep them feeling fit, strong and healthy.

Here’s the thing…

They probably didn’t have to plan their training sessions.

Because I know THQ members train hard all year round.

They have built muscle and fast metabolisms.

This means a week or two off won’t actually do them any harm.

If anything, it may give them a mental & physical break from training and refresh their motivation when they get back.

Research proves (I’ve always experienced this myself) that you have a “boost” effect post-holiday because you have taken a rest from training hard and dieting.

If you are a person who trains regularly and eats well, you’ll see that you’ll gain minimal pounds & inches when away.

But the rebound effect post-holiday means you lose that tiny bit extra gained quickly – AND MORE!

Crazy I know, but it works and it often happens.

Now, for people who don’t train very often, diet is usually sloppy…these guys I would encourage to get in the gym and be active when on holiday.

Because they are the guys that could put on a stone in a week or two on an all-inclusive holiday.

Believe me, I have seen it many a time.

This shows how important it is that throughout the year you train hard at least 2-3 times a week, and eat a diet high in protein & vegetables.

Because you have done the work to protect yourself from the dreaded holiday weight gain.

And you can enjoy those week or fortnightly holidays fairly guilt-free.

But let’s say you are a person who is usually fit, active and eating well.

What if you still want to train?

I’ll probably include myself in this bracket and still like to be active & have some eating control when away.

Join me on part 2 of this blog on Monday when I’m going to give you my top tips to come back in shape from your holiday…

Speak soon

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