Struggle To Eat More Protein?

I’m a bit of a nerd with improving my knowledge of all things nutrition, health and exercise related.

Upon reading my latest textbook I discovered why we call “Protein” protein.

A Dutch chemist named Gerardus Johannes Mulder named it in 1838.

He made this decision to name it protein basing it on the Greek word “Proteus”

Now before I lose you and you fall asleep…the Greek word proteus meaning is important to us.

Because it roughly translates as being “first”.

I’ve only just learnt that but it now helps me spread my message even easier.

I have always told people that if they want to…

feel satiated at meals (mean eating fewer calories),
lose body fat,
build muscle,
repair from sessions faster,
have healthy skin/nails/hair…

That when putting meals together it’s protein first.

Base meals around protein.

And its own origin of the name is now reminding us.

Most people are won over by the benefits of eating more protein and ask us for daily targets.

An easy way to remember is to consume 1g per pound of body weight.

This conversation works well for the general average population.

So many THQ members track their foods and see if they can hit this target, but always struggle at first.

Realising that they haven’t quite been consuming enough and it may be the reason they haven’t been seeing the above-mentioned benefits.

So how do you increase your intake without much effort?

Firstly, we need to snack less…having 3 meals a day with a large portion (30-40g) of lean protein at each meal will hit 70-80% of your daily target.

If you are going to snack, snack on protein.

Beef jerky, whey powder, boiled eggs, Greek yoghurt, and protein bars can all have 20-30g of protein per serving, but be low in calories.

So there you have it, simple and easy ways to get more protein into your daily target.

And now you’ll truly see the benefits of eating more.

Your daily reminder now is to think back to the lessons of the Ancient Greeks.

Aim for protein first!


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