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This weekend I held a halfway meeting for our THQ members currently doing a 12-week shoot.

It details how to maximise actions that will help them get lean.

But more importantly – STAY lean.

Anyone can drop weight by starving themselves and doing tons of cardio for a few weeks.

But still, look and feel awful.

This terrible idea is usually done the 2-4 weeks before a holiday.

Who then overeat & under exercise when away and then wonder why they put on a stone in a week.

However, there is a cleverer way around it; and this is what we try to teach our members.

And it does not need to be that difficult.

It’s about making some better choices.

Choices that are easy to do now and can be sustainable.

Because you need to find a system that fits your lifestyle.

These systems are what we put in place at THQ with the starter 6 week meltdown, then 12 week shoot, and to keep people motivated after the shoot, the 8 week specialised trainer programs.

They all have instructions and a plan and provide accountability.

Throw in the time frame and it’s just what we all need.

And within these programs, we constantly tweak people’s actions to get results and this is what I want to do with you today.

If you want to get lean this summer….make these 5 simple tweaks to turbocharge your results.

1)         Eat more protein

So simple, but it will change how you look and feel FOREVER. Make every meal based on a large portion of protein.

Aim for 1g per pound of body weight as a rough guide.

2)         Don’t have junk food in the house

Yes, this may annoy you, and you may even say you need it in the house for kids? But if it’s in the house and you have weak willpower, it will get eaten and slow down your results.

If you want a treat, go out and get it. Make a trip out of it and get some activity in whilst you are doing it to balance out the extra calories coming in.

3)         Eat more at home

Buying from cafes at lunchtime and lots of restaurant meals is (no pun intended) a perfect recipe to put on weight.

Consistently higher in calories and will slow down your progress. From time to time as a treat is fine but everyday?

Meals at home are not only healthier and lower in calories, but they will also save you some pennies.

You can make a 5 day meal prep in less than an hour or do as I do; whatever my evening meal is the night before, I double up and have it for lunch the next day.

4)         Walk More

This simple, easy-to-do activity is one of the best bits of advice I feel I have given to the thousands of members and clients I’ve dealt with.

More walking = more fat loss!

Aim for 8-10 thousand steps a day.

5)         Find accountability

Having a system in place so that someone (like the THQ trainers do very well) keeps you accountable is the real game changer.

Finding a system that has a plan and checks in on your progress, will light up your progression in getting lean, fit and healthy.

If you are bored of spinning your wheels and not seeing results – implement these 5 simple tweaks and skyrocket your results.

Want the above-mentioned systems?

Join the THQ waiting list for the starter 6-Week Meltdown Program.

If you act quick, you may be able to grab the last few places at our new locations at Ashbourne & Congleton.

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