A Protein-Free Wedding

Last week I attended my cousin’s wedding.

And was invited to do the whole “day do” thing.

Which means the ceremony.

And drinks reception.

Then an offer of a canapé.

Everything was going normally but with this offer a canapé…came an explanation of today’s food.

It was all vegan.

No one knew, and it was a surprise, but we were all interested to see how it would be.

I did expect this with the bride and groom being vegans.

But I have not had a meat-free day ever in my life, so this was a first.

The wedding breakfast meal was delivered and cleverly adapted to be meat and dairy free.

What opened my eyes most was the carbohydrate intake.

Yes, it was mainly vegetables.

But there were a lot of starchy carbs.

And to add flavour to the meals, the carbs were combined with fats (plant-based).

Which did get me thinking about why so many people struggle with a vegan diet when trying to get in shape.

It’s meant to be just vegetables, right?

I often get people telling me they’ve been trying to do vegan but it’s not helping them shift weight.

And it’s this misconception that meats are bad for us, and it’s the meats that make us fat that is a trap that some fall for.

Yes, if you eat processed meats like burgers, sausages, salami, and deep-fried bacon all the time, they will be bad for us.

But putting that in the same group as eating lean protein and veg at all meals is incorrect.

I get it; if you drop meats and dairy for moral reasons, fair play to you as it’s tough, and I respect your opinion and efforts.

I’m not here to bash your decision, and I know just writing this today will make some unsubscribe, but hear me out first.

If you think eating meat and dairy is why you’ve not been losing body fat – you are in for a shock if you go vegan.

Although mostly healthy…there is still a colossal combination of foods that hold people back when trying to lose body fat on a vegan diet.

This combination of carbs and fats is the “fattening” superpower.

It’s not the carbs or fats themselves, but put them together, and it’s a calorie bomb!

Think pizza.




Bread & butter.

All tasty foods (vegan versions included) but have little to no satiation.

Which means you can eat a TON of them.

And this is how I felt on my vegan day.

Like I could eat and eat.

And soon realised why.

My protein intake does blunt my hunger more than i’d realised.

Add in veg and lots of water, and you have the perfect weapon to beat hunger and get into an energy deficit.

Which is key to burning off body fat.

I enjoyed my vegan meals and they made the wedding special.

And I got to truly see how easy it is to overeat on a vegan diet.

Why not have the best of both worlds?

Use the structure of lots of vegetables for meals as a vegan diet promotes.

But swap out the carb and fat bombs for lean protein.

Eating healthy, filling yourself up and seeing the body fat melt away (without any restrictions on yourself).


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