5 Tips Shift Belly Fat

Nobody likes to grab a load of belly fat. When your sat at home watching television, lying on the sofa and you see the rolls of fat. So, before you next grab another chocolate bar or bag of crisps, maybe you should consider a few things that could finally shift a few inches from the waist.

What we first need to explain to you is that you cannot dictate to the body where it will burn body fat. No tea, waist band, exercise, faddy diet, herbal remedy, diet pill etc will spot reduce body fat. Targeting the abdominals with ab/core exercises can strengthen and possible tighten the midsection, but it will not directly burn belly fat. Yes, that even counts if you feel the burn after doing 100 crunches, this is just the muscles fatiguing. You could do 1000 sits ups every day and all you get is a bad back and a lot of time wasted.

To burn belly fat, we need to burn body fat in general. This is attained by creating a calorie deficit achieved through diet and training. The body will start to burn fat usually where there is a lot of it, it’s typically from the legs and bum. The belly fat tends to come off last unfortunately – don’t be annoyed, this is the same for everyone and just something we have to deal with. If it was easy we would all be walking round with ripped & toned stomachs, its also why people admire abs as they understand the discipline and hard work it takes to achieve them.

Whilst applying these tips, don’t be obsessed with the scales. Before you start using the tips, take measurements and photos. If you don’t, you cannot see if the tips are actually working. Keep applying them until you see results stall and then get in touch with us, we would love to help you further.

The most important aspect of burning body fat is to give it time. It’s the answer nobody wants to hear but it’s the harsh truth…. it took time for the body to accumulate fat, so its going to take months not days to get abs. Its estimated that every pounds of body fat will hold 3500 calories! Doing the math, to burn just a pound of fat in a week, we need be in a deficit of 500kcal each day (500kcal x 7 days = 3500kcal). Its going to take 8-12 weeks to see visible changes in the midsection, just keep taking measurements to make sure the inches are coming down weekly.

My 6 tips to shift belly fat

  1. Achieve A Calorie Deficit.

This does mean you need to tracking calories every day for at least a month or two. Yes, it takes a little effort but if you don’t try then you can stick with your belly fat. A good starting point is using your weight in pounds and times it by 12 e.g. 150lbs x 12 = 1800kcal each day. Monitor weight and inch measurements and if results plateau, weigh yourself again (you should be lighter) and times by 12, you daily calories will now be lower to achieve even further results.

  1. Strength Train 3 Times A Week

Strength training is vital when you are in a calorie deficit. Muscle can be broken down to be used for energy when dieting, however, if you are using the muscles in strength sessions three times a week – the body will want to keep hold of it and will turn predominately to body fat for energy! Aim to get stronger each week on the big lifts such as squat, deadlifts, rows, presses and weighted carries.

  1. Optimise Sleep & Stress

Lack of sleep (less than 7 hours a night) and a busy, stressful work & home life may raise cortisol levels. This chronically raised levels of cortisol is bad news for belly fat, it can actual cause more fat gain in that area. Meditating and sleeping well will reduce levels of cortisol.

Lack of sleep can also cause the hunger hormone Ghrelin to increase, as your body tries to make up for the lack of sleep with food. You’re more likely to grab high calorie, quick energy foods which tend to be bad for burning body fat.

Try to get to bed a little earlier, no caffeine after 3pm, make your bedroom dark like a bat cave, cool temperature and with no electronics.

  1. Be Realistic With Weight Loss

Realistically you should aim for 1-2lbs of weight loss each week. Trying to lose as much weight as possible in the short term will just result in a food binge, most likely caused for going too low calorie too soon. 8-12 weeks of 1-2lbs will soon start to shape your body the way you want it to look.

  1. Use Optimal Ab Exercises

Although I said we cannot directly burn belly fat with exercises, certain exercises can strengthen and tighten the core. When you strip back the body fat, you will reveal better shaped abdominals.

The latest research shows which exercises activates the abdominals the most, using an EMG tool which is inserted into the muscle to measure the exercises which causes the most activation.

Include as many as you can in your training sessions;

  • Hanging Leg Raise
  • Swiss Ball Crunch
  • Ab Roll Out
  • Plank Body Saw
  • Chin/Pull Up

Ultimately, to get abs – stay in a calorie deficit long enough for your body to burn fat as energy.

Written by Ryan Adshead


If you still need help getting in a calorie deficit or want to be trained by THQ, enquire below for more information….

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