Its estimate over the lockdown period, on average, people will have put on 14 pounds.

We aim to do the reverse of that.

Our 7-day trial includes:

  • Full body “at home” workout routine
  • Timed music tracks to take you through a workout
  • Pre-recorded video of a session that you can follow
  • 7 Day exact meal plan
  • Meal planner optimised for weight loss and keeping you healthy
  • Limited Access to the members area
  • Gratitude, motivation, stress and sleep checker

We have guys now on the trial who are dropping many pounds and inches – in 7 days only.

We have helped many people over the years…here is a taster of what we can help you achieve.

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Clearly 7 days is not long enough to achieve your dream body shape…

….but a further 8 weeks is.

Our 8-week challenge is helping hundreds of people lose further inches & pounds, get stronger & fitter, be healthy and happy.

If you want to upgrade at the end of the 7 days, we have the 8 Week Online Challenge for just £99

On this you will receive:

  • 3 Full body “at home” workout routines
  • Pre-recorded video of all 3 sessions to follow
  • All timed music tracks
  • Live zoom coaching session (3 a week)
  • 8-week meal plan
  • Meal organiser and 4 fat loss cookbooks
  • Full access to members area (all cookbooks, habit calendar, rehab videos, stretching videos)
  • 2 Weekly Check – ins from your own assigned trainer
  • Gratitude, motivation, stress and sleep checker

If you want to take your new training & nutrition knowledge and try on your own, that’s cool with us too, opt out on day 7 with one quick email.

If you want to upgrade, we will contact you via email at the end of the week with a check in, and to see if you want to continue your results with the 8 week upgrade.

To take advantage of this free trial……

Enter your details below and the system will generate you a free profile.

Keep an eye on your emails (check junk email folders) and we will guide you through your week FREE of charge.

We are super excited to help you achieve amazing results with the 7 day Kickstarter.


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