Transformation HQ Success Story : Alison Pimblett

HQ Before & After 1000 Alison Pimblett

Alison came from an active background of playing sports and exercising regularly.

However, as Alison became a mum and had less time to exercise she found she was no longer happy with her body shape.

This was due to family and work commitments taking priority over her health and conditioning.

We could see she wasn’t overweight but knew how important it would be for Alison to get shape with a defined stomach.

Transformation HQ’s strength training sessions shaped Alison’s body to look more athletic yet at the same time much leaner.

With an introduce of weight training and eating more healthily Alison saw good progress. We then stepped Alison up a level and put her through the Transformation HQ Shoot process.

This was a 12 week customised nutrition and training plan. We started her off on higher calories so Alison never felt hungry.

We didn’t get Alison training every hour of the day – in fact she only trained 3 times a week at the start of her process.

With the correct amounts of calories and correct types of food, Alison felt stronger and fitter in sessions, almost never felt hungry, muscle was being added to her frame, body fat levels dropped to reveal the fantastic shape she achieved.

Alison lost 1 stone on the scales, and 11cm around her belly/waist area. This really does prove training with weights doesnt make you bulky – it actually makes you slimmer and look amazing.

Her results were incredible and should give all those mums or people with skinny fat body shapes that inspiration to achieve a defined tummy.

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