Transformation HQ Success Story : Becky Cundy


Becky had put others first, particularly her family. Meaning, her body shape was not as she wanted it to look.

Becky joined THQ and saw some pounds and inch loss. Enthused by her results, Becky then went through the 12-week THQ shoot. (before photo and after photo 12 weeks apart)

Becky has proven that mums can get rippling abs and a slim waist.

In fact, she lost 6cms from the waist, she also lost 4 inches from chest, 6 from hips, 5cms from thighs – Remarkable effort!

As we have mentioned before, we actually raise calories to begin with. Encouraging eating plenty of healthy meals so that the member going through the shoot doesn’t always feel hungry.

We then gradually increase weight training sessions from 3 a week to 5 a week – a total of 4 and ¼ hours a week of training. Proving it doesn’t need endless hours of slow steady state cardio to get abs!

It must be said that Becky truly immersed herself into the plan – she was disciplined, committed and consistent with making her training sessions and eating what we were recommending.

Becky proves if you put the effort in, you will see the rewards.

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