Buxton & Whaley Feb 19 Sessions

Warm Up

External Rotations x 10

Band Pull Apart x 20 reps

Band Up & Over’s x 15 reps

Overhead Band Squats x 20 reps

Video Click Here

Video Click Here
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x3 lower x3 upper
Mixture of isolation and compound

Isolation encourage to last full 40 secs

Compound need at least 1 break

40/20 once on each

x4 rounds

Superset day 

Change half way

50/10 once on each

x4 rounds




Big compound day once on each

x4 rounds

30/30 week 1-2
45/15 week 3-4
Same weight

Using Strength Logs


ExercisesLeg ExtensionSingle Leg Ext to FullDB Deadlifts
 BB SquatsDB Squats to DeadliftsBB Push Press

Plate Static Lunge

(Change Halfway)

Tricep Dips to Chest DipsPlate Front Lunge
 Rope Tricep PulldownCable V-bar RDL to SquatsCable Squats
 DB Chest Press FlatBench Sitting Rear Flys to Lat RaisersSeated Arnie Press

Single Narrow Row

(Change Halfway)

Alt Wide Row to Double Wide RowWide Row Hold

Strength Round Jan – Mar 2019

  1. Alternating Leg Ext
  2. RDL’S
  3. Dips
  4. Pull Ups
  5. DB Shoulder Press
  6. Wide Row
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