Transformation HQ Success Story : Dan Mannion

Dan had tried weight training before as he knew it was a great, fun way of getting into decent shape.

He tried to do it alone training in a conventional gym but found himself unable to access the kit and weights he needed to train correctly.

Dan also needed to add more intensity to his workouts whilst learning how to properly contract, squeeze and put the muscle through its full range of movement.

This is what we have shown Dan at Transformation HQ. We first did a 12 week shredding phases to reduce some unwanted body fat.


The benefit of dieting and training fat off the body is that the body becomes better at managing nutrients and BUILDING muscle.

We all want a little extra muscle to make our shirts look a little tighter around the arms and having that V-shape taper.

After Dan’s 12 week shred, we worked on his chest and shoulders for 8 weeks. This was done with 3 Transformation Session and a Chest and Shoulders workout a week. As you can see below Dan looks even better!


Don’t get the idea that you can picking a weight up & throw it around a few times and you will like Arnold Schwarzenegger. To build muscle it takes time AND to get LEAN first. Then as Dan did, work on areas/ muscles he wanted to build. This can take another 12-15 weeks to stay lean but build a 2-3 kilos of muscle.

2-3 kilos doesn’t sound like a lot but visually it can make your body shape look more muscular and athletic – think of adding a 3 kilo steak over your body evenly.

We see Dan now proud of his body through lifting weights and training the right way. Dan will always ENJOY his training and is continuously wanting to improve areas of his body – this will keep him motivated for the fore sable future.

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