Transformation HQ Success Story : Dawn Woods

Dawn is slimmer, fitter & stronger after having a baby and losing 26lbs, 8 inches off the hips & 5.5 inches off the waist!

HQ Before & After 1000 Dawn Wood

Dawn first started training at THQ with a view to toning up and losing weight. We introduced the benefits of weight training for fat loss combined with the Transformation HQ Meal Plan.

Dawn saw some initial results and was becoming fitter, stronger and leaner. She then fell pregnant but didn’t want to give up her weight training as she was feeling and looking amazing.

Dawn continued training right up to pregnancy, all the latest research & studies state you can continue to weight train up to the birth of your child, in fact the studies and doctors RECOMMEND you weight train as the training can be adapted easily for the mother.

Dawn returned after baby had arrived with the dreaded baby weight & mum tum to lose.

Dawn’s training before pregnancy meant she would be able to get straight back into training intensely, at the same time, her nutrition was designed for maximum fat loss.

We put Dawn through the 12-week Transformation HQ Shoot process to accelerate fat loss. We controlled calories for Dawn’s individual size, training history & hormone rebalance after baby, all with the intention of losing the baby weight as soon as possible.

Dawn only trained 3 times a week to begin with, the workouts were full body strength sessions that we call Transformation Sessions.

After week 4 on her shoot process, we added a supplementary strength session working solely on legs and tummy. Working on stubborn areas of the body with extra sessions WHILST being in a caloric deficit can work wonders for blasting body fat.

The last few weeks, we asked dawn to add an extra 5th strength session if she had the spare time to do so.  This meant on average, she only really trained 4 times a week – 45 minutes each session.

Dawn has proved to all the mums out there that YOU CAN LOSE baby weight very quickly without having to exercise for that long.

Dawn now plans to continuing her 4-5 sessions a week to maintain body shape and weight through December, with an aim in January to lose more weight off her legs & bum and get an even more defined stomach!

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