Transformation HQ Success Story : Dion Doyle

HQ Before & After 1000 Dion Doyle

Dion has come a long way and not only transformed his body shape but transformed his health. He was becoming overweight and his body shape was changing – changing to the wrong shape.

Dion won’t mind us saying that he knew very little about nutrition & training. We don’t mind people telling us this, as we then have a blank canvas to start with.

We can start with the basics of how you structure your diet with the Transformation HQ Meal plan. Then we introduce weight training and explain the amazing benefits it can bring to your body shape and health.

After completing the 12-week Transformation HQ Shoot, Dion drop body fat and added muscle. We could see Dion getting stronger and fitter every session he attended.

We are now confident Dion has a much better understanding of nutrition and training, he would now be capable to eat and train for an even better body shape and health improvement.

To see Dion’s weight & body fat levels lower, see him get stronger, fitter and more confident with his weight training & nutrition has been joy.  Dion deserves all the rewards for his hard work.

Are you lost with nutrition and training? Need more support and guidance?

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