Eat Carbs & Lose Weight!?

By Ryan Adshead

“I cant eat carbs – they make me put on weight” 

“I agree with carbs – but carbs don’t agree with me” 

“Eating fats burns fat – carbs just make you fat”

These are just some of the daft excuses I hear about carbohydrates. Usually from people who avoid carbs at all costs, however the low carb eaters are usually the people who struggle to shift the extra weight.

They saw some initial weight/fat loss from dropping carbs, this will have mostly been from a reduction in water retention, and the simple fact they lowered calories from taking carbohydrates out of their diet. The association of weight/fat loss is now from dropping carbs when the link made should have been the reduction of lowering calories.

However, there are lots of people who eat carbs at every meal and keep on dropping body fat and weight.

What’s the deal?

Well, I should state now that low carb diets do work for some people. These people have accepted that they can never have a pizza, cake, biscuit, potato, rice etc, every again in their lives (yes I know there are low carb versions but you may as well eating cardboard).

Who really wants to avoid going out for a meal because the restaurant won’t do low carbs options. We live in the most advance world in terms of culinary skills of wonderfully tasting foods – don’t miss out on the joys & tastes of life. Be more strategic on how to include them into your diet and still lose weight. Some times it’s just knowing when and what types to eat on a regular basis with just a few simple tweaks.

From the beginning of a new members weight/fat loss journey at Transformation HQ we include carbohydrates. For optimal weight/fat loss we select better choices of carbohydrate’s such as rice, potatoes, quinoa, kidney beans & cous cous.


Everyone has at least one meal a day that consists of a portion of carbohydrates, for example a jacket potato in the evening with homemade lean mincemeat chilli. Transformation HQ sessions use of resistance training allows another meal with carbohydrates. As an example day, you may have oats and protein in the morning, a low carb chicken salad for lunch and jacket potato with chilli in the evening.

Where most people really mess up their carb intake is at the weekends. Yes – carbs can make you fat if you consume a load of junk carbs such as cakes, biscuits, crisps, chocolate (beer, cider also) whilst you sat on your arse watching television all weekend. This is a massive problem as most people are least active at the weekend and the “junk carbs” contain a hell of a lot of calories, which will push you over your recommend caloric intake for the day. Meaning, weight/fat gain!


Another factor that needs to be considered is where you start your weight/fat loss journey. If you are a lean individual and weight train frequently, then you will be able to handle a lot of carbs, and will most likely be able to have four meals a day all with a portion of carbohydrates. If you’re somebody who needs to lose a lot of weight/fat then we would put you on just one meal a day with carbs until you become leaner & slimmer.

Don’t believe low carb is the only option when trying to lose weight/fat and be clever about consuming them. Our bodies love to use carbs when training, meaning you will have a more intense workout which will lead to quicker weight/fat loss results – plus carbs make your meals taste amazing!

Use the previous above strategy and be honest with yourself as to where you are with your body shape and how many meals a day you can consume carbs with.

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