Q: How to reduce hunger when dieting?

A: Ways to reduce hunger or cravings when trying to hit your calories.  Hitting your calories can be a real task and over eating will always lead to fat gain.  So here’s a few ways you can help the hunger:
Coffee caffeine or decaf – black sweeteners allowed, sparkling water, diet drinks, chewing gum, sleep enough, drink plenty of water, don’t put yourself around food if not needed, brush your teeth,  have a lighter calorie snack fat free yoghurt, blueberries, light cheese slices reduce cravings.

meal Tip-  3 eggs for breakfast  low caloire add ons to make you feel fuller – muchrooms, salad bowl, diet coke, black coffee, this made me feel full just looking at the ammount of food

Remember your body works on weeks and months not days and hours so if you over eat on one day or under eat you can make up for it the next day.  Also remember to get the bulk of your calories from foods that keep you fuller for longer:
Vegetables, potatoes / rice, fruits, meats (red and white).