Will weights make me bulky?

No! Weights will shape and build muscle for a lean & toned look – as long as you are in a calorie deficit. The best way to get into a calorie deficit is to follow the THQ meal planner or track your calories.

When should I lift heavy?

Always – you should aim to lift in the 8-10 rep range, making sure you have decent form, taking the lift through a full range of movement, keeping joints stable as demonstrated by your trainer before each session.

Why should I do low reps’ heavy weight rather than light weight more reps for fat loss?

When in a calorie deficit – you will maintain & build muscle by challenging the body with a heavy weight. If you lower weights and do more reps, you will not challenge the body enough to change or maintain muscle & body shape. (A detailed explanation is in the training section in The Complete Body Transformation Guide)

Do I need to do cardio for fat loss?

No! All you need to is control your diet.

Do I need to do all the different sessions? (I.e. Monday/Tuesday, Wednesday/Thursday, Friday/Saturday)

All THQ sessions are full body workouts, so technically no but it does make sense for performance as you will have fully recovered. If you have to do back to back days, it’s not a problem as long as you have completed your 3 sessions for the week.

Should I do an extra workout at home?

As long as you have completed your 3 transformation sessions for the week – its not necessary to do additional workouts at home. Spend that free time preparing your meals for the next day.

What’s best? Body part splits or full body training?

Full body – a full body workout will generate a bigger calorie burn, allowing you to hit muscles more frequently on a weekly basis, fix imbalances in the body & gets your heart rate up more.


Why do I need to eat that much protein?

Protein helps with satiety, helps preserve muscle mass, helps to build muscle, increase strength in the gym, recover from sessions. These are the key components to achieving a body transformation.

Will carbs make me put on weight?

No – over consuming CALORIES on a consistent basis will make you put on weight!

Do I need protein shakes/supplements?

No – but it will help making your protein target a lot easier. Any supplements that help hit your dietary requirements will always get a thumbs up from us.

Do I need to ban certain types of foods?

No – as long you are in a calorie deficit following the THQ meal planner or tracking calories.

Do I have to track calories?

No – but, to have true understanding of food calorie content – at some point you do need to have experience of tracking calories on a daily basis.

Is there a recommended list of fat burning foods?

No – however the THQ meal planner makes fat loss easier

Am I ok to drink teas/coffees/diet drinks?

Yes – however too much caffeine intake could have a negative impact.

Do I need to give up fruit and dairy?

No – however, 6 weeks out from a photo shoot we advise members to drop fruit as it’s not satiating, we also drop dairy as it can cause a little water retention for some people the leaner they get.

What’s more important Macronutrients or Calories?

Calories – they will always be the main reason why you gain or lose body fat, macronutrients will fine tune a body shape.


How many hours sleep should I be aim for?

6-8 hours

Can I train when I’m injured or ill?

If you have a injury – yes you can still train (mention to your trainer who will adapt your session)

If you are ill – its all down to person preference and how you feel. A general rule is head colds ok to train, but severe flu or a sickness bug give yourself 48 minimum hours to recover.


How much weight can I lose each week?

We advise no more than 2lbs each week, unless in your first 6 weeks of your transformation where it could be a little more.

Do I need to be good at weekends?

Yes – if you are trying to make good progress, every single day counts including Saturday & Sunday. Once you achieve your results, you can be more flexible at weekends.

Do I absorb all the calories from a binge?

Yes – if you are in a weekly average surplus every single calorie will be stored as body fat, but if you are in a weekly average deficit, you will absorb and use every calorie for energy.

Does weight gain mean fat gain?

Usually – yes!

Do I have to display my shoot photos?

No, however once members go through a transformation – they are proud of their results and want to show them off.


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