February 2018 Sessions

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Monday/ Tuesday Session

Simply go back to back on a station with a partner until the round is done
You go round the room once
1) Leg extension higher reps –
deadlifts lower reps

2) Lunge rear lower reps –
decline bar cable machines feet  press ups higher reps

3) Lat raise higher reps –
wide row drop set lower reps

Wednesday/Thursday Session

1-6 1-6

1) Leg extension
2) DB squats ( heavy )
3) Plate front over lunge
4) Top chest flys
5) Sitting rear flys ( light ) flat bench
6) Narrow Back row

Friday/ Saturday Session

One min per station to just get as many rep as you can

1 )Partial leg extension
2) Goblet squat
3) Dips
4) Cable RDL
5) Incline chest press
6) Alt Row wide




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