Flexible Dieting Got Me Abs

Before I became a personal trainer, I was under the impression that foods had to be “clean” to get in shape.

This is due to eating “clean” 100% of the time which resulted in a leaner & fitter body.

My mindset back then was that it was the clean foods that MADE me getting in shape.

So, anytime I had a treat or “dirty food” (ha) like pizza or cake – I felt terrible and pissed off, as if I’ve let myself down.

Then I started to research and understand how the body works, practising on myself first then proving it with many 1:1 clients and then THQ members.

When trying to lose weight – it will ALWAYS come down to being in a CALORIE DEFICIT.

Each new diet and training plan/trend that comes out, works because it achieved a CALORIE DEFICIT.

But creating a deficit is hard when you have weekend blow outs, usually because you’ve been so strict in the week & need a reward.

This is why flexible dieting helped me get abs. Its eating well 90% of the time, then allowing myself an ice cream, burger, donut, beer at the weekends without the GUILT.

It holds me within my daily & weekly calorie allowance, keeps my head straight and stops the F*uck it binges!

If you know you have a weekend coming up with a few treats – don’t panic! Have your treat and get back to the diet straight afterwards. It won’t have messed up your fat loss goal.

If your wanting to know your fat loss calories – message or email me your weight in pounds and I’ll tell you where you should be.

Have a weekend with a treat or two!


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